Established in April 2019 and Registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act , 1958 @ COOP/2019/SIROHI/100141
To create nursing work force to represent all platforms pertaining to health from policy making to the execution to the sustenance.
To encourage and improve the quality of Clinical Research in Nursing Profession in order to bring the quality of research and its applications in clinical practice at par with Global Nursing standards.

Why Join CNRS?

Membership of Clinical Nursing Research Society is open to any Nursing professional with an interest in Nursing Research especially in clinical practice.

The Membership includes Life Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members. As a member in CNRS, you will be able to get opportunity with technical support to comprehend research methodology and its clinical applications for facilitating better health care outcomes.

Benefits to join

  • CNRS members are entitled to participate in all activities organized by society from time to time such as intellectual group discussions, conferences, panel discussions, webinars, health camps, cultural functions, research projects, research presentations, seminars, workshops, E-presentations, CNE, etc.
  • Being a CNRS member, you have the privilege to meet and establish a network with Nursing Veterans and Nursing Leaders with Research proficiency of our society.
  • CNRS members have the facility for free publication in our Journal. Members can have access to the journal online. Subscription for the hard copy will be charged.
  • CNRS members are entitled to receive the journal, newsletters, and any other publications published by the Society.
  • CNRS members can contest elections and have a right to vote during CNRS elections.
  • CNRS members have free access to web content and presentations on the CNRS website.

Service Plans - CNRS

Final Year Students
300 /One Year
  • Final Year GNM Students
  • Final Year B.Sc Nursing Students
  • After becoming RN/RM pay Rs.700/- for life time membership
Life Membership
1000 /Lifetime
  • RN/RM
National Associate Members
1000 /Lifetime
  • RN/RM
  • Members with Under graduation and Post Graduation working in Health Sector (other than Nursing)
International Associate Members
$ 100 /Lifetime
  • RN/RM