Established in April 2019 and Registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act , 1958 @ COOP/2019/SIROHI/100141
To create nursing work force to represent all platforms pertaining to health from policy making to the execution to the sustenance.
To encourage and improve the quality of Clinical Research in Nursing Profession in order to bring the quality of research and its applications in clinical practice at par with Global Nursing standards.

Need to propel the seed of Evidence Based Practice in nursing – the ultimate way to achieve excellence in quality nursing care was earnestly felt by few eminent nursing leaders. Dr. Suwersh Khanna the Seed Founder and Honorary Patron CNRS with Mrs. Uma Handa, Advisor,CNRS planned to establish a society. It is under their guidance/advice Clinical Nursing Research Society (CNRS) was originated / registered by Mrs. Shashi Bala, Principal, SLM, Global Nursing College, Abu Road. It is a nonprofit organization established in the year 2019.

CNRS Members
Our Mission

The mission of CNRS is to promote state of art evidence-based nursing research in clinical practice and to develop the policies and standard clinical guidelines which provide the nursing process uniformity and evidence based quality care with consideration of patient safety. The great effort is to achieve global collaboration to disseminate and utilize the outcomes of clinical research studies which will have profound effect to improve the quality of nursing care of worldly patients with common diseases. The overall mission is to increase the visibility and active involvement of nurses in policy making decisions at National and International levels.

Who We Are
Our Objectives

To provide a comprehensive platform with technical support to nurses to comprehend finer, practical aspect of research methodology, encourage and promote its clinical application to facilitate nursing practice.

 To promote clinical specialization in nursing to empower nurses and improve quality of patient centric care.

To identify the different resources for funding the individual research in clinical practice

To emphasize the development of ethical committee in all Nursing Institutions to promote nursing research or active nursing involvement if committee already exists.

To associate with other societies for National work and promote Evidence Based Nursing.